Sustainable solutions

for the coexistence

of wildlife and people




Community based Conservation


... refers to the development of nature conservation measures and projects by local village communities and indigenous peoples. Today, around 80% of the remaining biodiversity can be found on the land of indigenous peoples and local village communities, which is based on their sustainable way of life developed over centuries or even millennia. However, indigenous communities are still being displaced or forcibly relocated for conservation reasons. Worldwide, the number of people displaced for conservation reasons is estimated at around 130 million. In Africa alone there are said to be around 14 million. Many local communities and tribes are now becoming active and developing their own conservation projects, also to show that they are very capable of preserving their habitat and protecting the wildlife that lives there. Their models are often based on the coexistence of humans and wild animals and not on separation, as is rooted in Western conservation thought. It is important to us to promote such community-based nature conservation projects and, if necessary, to advise on implementation details, to help find sponsors and to take on parts of the public relations work.

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