Sustainable solutions

for the coexistence

of wildlife and people




Developing models for sustainable coexistence and community-based nature conservation


For years we have been working on developing models of how solutions for coexistence with wild animals and for the implementation of innovative ideas in local nature conservation can be transferred from individual projects to other regions and projects. The first result is a list of basic steps on how nature conservation can be implemented with local village communities, which includes the goal of coexistence with wild animals:


1. Improving the living situation in village communities through simple technologies (solar, energy-efficient stoves, water treatment)

2. Education, environmental education and education for sustainable development.

3. Support with basic medical care.

4. Help reduce wildlife conflicts.

5. Biotope renaturation and reforestation. Permaculture and agroforestry. Food Forests. Rainwater storage.

6. Non-invasive wildlife monitoring.

7. Development of nature conservation measures tailored to the needs of the village community and assistance with implementation. 8. Help in obtaining funding.

9. Wild animals as bio-indicators for the successful implementation of the nature conservation measures implemented to date.

10. Help develop low-impact sustainable tourism that benefits the village community.

11. Public relations and film documentation.

12. Identifying the project's special innovative ideas in order to make it available to other projects in our database.


We help and advise village communities in the implementation of individual aspects or the entire 12-point model.