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As a first step in starting our project in Kenya, we visited different regions, villages and local communities. The main goal of our work is to develop models for reducing human-/ wildlife conflicts in cooperation with the people living in wildlife areas.

Meanwhile we have started a Food Forest and Village project in the Lumakanda region in West Kenya, a solar bottle lamp project in the Amboseli region with the Maasai and two other bsolar-bottlelamp projects close Nakuru and at the coast. We also visited different places and regions all over Kenya to get an impression of the situation of wildlife and people.


Starting our Food Forest in Lumakanda, West Kenya:

Christmas lunch-party for our nature-kids group in the project village in Lumakanda

Solar-bottlelamp project in a Maasai village in the Amboseli region.

Visiting the Maasai in Maasai Mara.

Ivory belongs to Elephants March from Nairobi to Marsabit

Walking for a few hours with Jim Justus Nyamu from the Elephant Neighbours Center on his march from Nairobi to Marsabit in Northern Kenya. This march of 617 km is only a part of a much longer march of more then 3000 km through Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to sensitize people about a peaceful co-existence of elephants and people.




Tsavo National Park, Kenya:


Visiting "Elephants and Bees"

a project of the Save the Elephants Foundation close to Tsavo East Nationalpark, Kenya.

For more infos about the project watch a film:


Meru National Park and Samburu National Reserve, Northern Kenya


Adopting two elephant orphans at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphans Project

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is running the best orphans project for young elephants all over Africa. Many young elephant calfs are found after their mothers were killed from poachers, dehydrated and close to death and brought to the orphanage.

We adopted the elephant orphan Naseku in 2016 and now little Malkia in 2017.

But no one can explain their work better then they self.

Visiting local communities, first spontaneously activities got started by showing how to build and install bottle-lamps.

Bottle Lamp project in a village between Mombasa and Shimba Hills National Reserve.


Our Nature-Kids-Group in Bungoma Ndogo Village in Lumakanda region, Kenya.

 Starting with only a few kids in January in Valentines village, we meanwhile have around 30 children by our second meeting in April. We watched wildlife films, spent a lot of time outdoors and started planting for a future Food Forest with Bamboo and Moringa.


Showing how to install Bottle-Lamps and planting Moringa trees in a local village near Nakuru, Kenya.

Together with Eileen Waithera from Eileen´s Star Foundation we planted Moringas and showed the locals how to build and install Bottle-Lamps in the village (Subukia near Nakuru).

Mount Kenya

In the mountain forests and above tree line of Mount Kenya searching for elephants and wild cats.

Looking for the life situation of the local people around the mountain.

Daily life in rural Kenya

When we think about Africa, we mostly have pictures of wildlife and beautiful landscapes in our mind. Or we think about extreme situations like droughts and hunger catastrophes.

Here some pictures of the normal daily life in rural areas in Kenya.