Helping wildlife

by helping the people


First activities in East Africa


Our work focuses on the possibilities of long-term preservation of wildlife populations and their habitats and the reduction of human / wildlife conflicts with a focus on elephants and their large habitat-sharing cats. It consists above all in the development of models, how a coexistence of humans and wild animals can be realized in the long term sustainably. How nature and species protection, the reduction of human / wildlife conflicts, the creation of wildlife corridors, education, improving the living conditions of the local population and the active involvement of people in other parts of the world can be combined into a functioning whole.


During the first year of our work we asked ourself the following questions:
1. How can the people of the village communities in the wild animal areas inside and outside
the national parks u.a. Protected areas for the protection of wild animals are obtained and actively involved
2. How can wildlife areas that are now sprawled by agricultural use and in
smaller units are dismembered, again connected by corridors?
3. How can people outside of Africa, such as Germany, to a far greater degree than that
be actively involved in the conservation of wildlife and wildlife in Africa?
These questions have led to the following three project topics:


1. Mobile environmental school



 2. Food Forest and Village Project



3. Friends of the Wildlife and People Project