Helping wildlife

by helping the people



About the project


With the project Wildlife and People we want to help develop models of what nature conservation might look like in the future.

Conservation encompassing large-scale landscapes, both inside and outside protected areas. It includes local people as well as tourists and even people from far away countries who buy products from these regions. Conservation that benefits an entire region and does not override people, but benefits them. The resources that are used to improve the living conditions of all in this region. It sensibly networks the work of nature conservation organizations with the work of other organizations working in these regions.

With our project, we go beyond the boundaries of traditional conservation work and combine conservation with education (for sustainable development / ESD), social projects and humanitarian aid, with alternative technologies and various forms of organic agriculture.

As well-functioning conservation organizations already exist in most of our project regions, our focus is on working with the people who live there, with tribal and village communities.

Their networking with other organizations working in the region, such as education and humanitarian aid projects, is also part of our work.

We see our own active work in the development of models for the reduction of wildlife conflicts and possibilities of coexistence, in the development of corridor models between protected areas, in the improvement of the living situation of the local population, in their active involvement in nature conservation measures and in
Nature and environmental protection supporting educational work.

In the subproject "Wild Cats, Elephants and People", we orient ourselves with our work on elephants and their habitat sharing big cats, both in Africa and in Asia. Although the focus of our work is shifting from Asia to Africa in the last years, it is fundamentally about developing communicable models for human / wildlife coexistence that can be implemented on both continents.