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Coexistence with wild animals is becoming increasingly difficult and conflict-ridden in times of increasing alienation and simultaneous population growth, especially in countries in the global south. Organizations, village communities or individuals often develop innovative solutions for individual problems or for specific animal species. While in some regions this can defuse conflicts, in other regions the solution developed is little or no known. This could be remedied by a central database that collects solutions to a wide variety of wild animals and conflict situations and makes them available centrally. Our database is dedicated to this task! To begin with, we will limit ourselves to solutions for conflict reduction with large and small cats (Panthera and Felinae), as they can be found in many ecosystems and are very often involved in conflicts with humans. In regions where they share their habitat with elephants, our focus is also on them. For data protection and copyright reasons, we cannot publish publications from other organizations or authors directly on our website, but we link to them. Many of the solution models presented can certainly also be applied to conflicts with other large mammals. Our database is currently being created and is constantly being expanded. We look forward to receiving interesting information or links to publications.

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