Sustainable solutions

for the coexistence

of wildlife and people




Consulting, support and education


Coexistence with wild animals is as old as humanity itself and has worked sustainably for thousands of years, although not always without conflict. It was only over the last few centuries that a process of alienation of people and wild animals began, particularly in Europe and from here as a result of global colonization, and spread worldwide, culminating in today's modern humans in the Global North. Even though a lot of people here are committed to nature and species protection locally and globally, measures are still often promoted that exclude the local population, especially in countries in the global south, instead of integrating them into nature conservation measures. While many people there still share a common habitat with wild animals, which is often dangerous and leads to many deaths of people and animals every year, coexistence with (dangerous) wild animals is no longer an issue here in Central Europe. We have now moved too far away from coexistence with wild animals. If wild animals, such as wolves, return to their former habitat, this quickly leads to conflicts, triggers fears and leaves little room for acceptance and coexistence. While in the global south, especially in some regions of Africa and Southeast Asia, we promote and advise local populations on nature conservation projects, which almost always aim to coexist with wild animals and not to create deserted protected areas, in Germany the aim of our work is through appropriate Education and public relations to promote greater acceptance of wild animals and thus create a basis for coexistence.