Sustainable solutions

for the coexistence

of wildlife and people



What are we doing?


1. We support, advise and promote local village communities, indigenous peoples and citizens' initiatives in their nature conservation efforts and in the implementation of nature conservation projects in some regions of Africa and Southeast Asia as well as in Germany.

2. We advise on reducing wildlife conflicts.

3. We develop transferable models for human-wildlife coexistence and non-invasive wildlife protection.

4. We examine and document the situation of ecosystems, sustainable coexistence with wild animals and the successful implementation of nature conservation projects using so-called "indicator species" with a focus on big cats and elephants.

5. We make films on our topics and do public relations work.


Where do we work or have we worked since the foundation was founded in 2013?


Some forest regions of Africa and Southeast Asia. Some lynx areas in Central Europe. Darmstadt/South Hesse/Odenwald region.


Where could we gain experience before setting up the foundation?

Foundation founder Klaus Berger was involved in the protection of boreal forests for many years and traveled and worked in Northern Europe, mostly beyond the Arctic Circle. He was active for many years on the North American west coast to protect temperate rainforests. He lived on the South Island of New Zealand for a year and studied the ecology of the rainforest there and came into close contact with the Maori culture.