Sustainable solutions

for the coexistence

of wildlife and people




Wild Cats Program


In our program for coexistence with elephants in some regions of Africa and Asia, this goes hand in hand with the program for coexistence with big cats, as both animal species very often share the same habitat and often come into conflict with humans. The Wild Cats program goes far beyond the elephant regions of Africa and Asia, as "wild cats" colonize or have at least colonized many regions of Asia, Africa, America and Europe. We are currently working, advising or promoting coexistence with big cats in some forest regions in Africa and Europe. In Germany, and especially in southern Hesse, where our foundation is based, we are working on the coexistence and return of the two native cat species, the lynx and the wildcat. Lynxes and leopards have by far the largest distribution areas worldwide. Coexistence with these two species is therefore an important topic in our work.