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The big topic of our foundation work is the global protection of forests and the associated biodiversity. We rely heavily on the people who live in or from these forests. These are often local, small village communities or indigenous peoples.

In Africa we would like to make a contribution to preserving both the rainforest areas of West and Central Africa and the much less known dry forests of East Africa. This work is closely related to the protection of elephants and other wild animals in these forest regions. We believe that it is possible to implement forest and species protection, even with a steadily growing population, together with the people living in the wilderness areas and to develop ways of sustainable coexistence.

Our project
Forests, Elephants and People is dedicated to these topics.


Even if the destruction of the forests can be slowed down and perhaps even completely stopped at some point, the loss of forest and species will be immense by then. We are therefore particularly concerned with the possibilities of restoring and reforesting forest areas that have already been lost and, where this is not possible, with ways of at least networking existing forest areas and creating corridors for wild animals in such a way that the population also benefits.

In agricultural areas, where the forests may have been cleared for generations and larger wild animals have disappeared, we are trying to develop transferable models of how nature conservation can be implemented together with the local population and how the first forest ecosystems, at least smaller wild animals, can be created again return. We work on these topics ourselves on site in Western Kenya with our 
Wildlife and People Project.